Partner Resources: Video Files

MedOne has a variety of materials and aids available to help you improve sales in your area, from print material to graphics work to product displays. If the options below fail to meet your needs, let us know and we'll work with you toward a solution. The MedOne graphics department is happy to assist you with any specific graphics needs. To request any MedOne graphic material, please fill out the Graphic Request Form below and email it to Ms. Ashley Cheshire at

Microsoft Word Document MedOne Graphics Request Form

Contact us for more information or to order any of the materials you see below.

Video Files

MedOne offers video files for training purposes. Right click and "Save link as..." to save the files to your computer, tablet, or hand-held device.

video Oil Removal Cannula (Kapran)
Length: 01:14 | Type: MP4 | Size: 8MB
video Olive Tip SC Cannula (El Reyes)
Length: 03:15 | Type: MP4 | Size: 20MB
video DualBore SideFlō Cannula - PFO Injection
Length: 00:40 | Type: MP4 | Size: 6MB
video DualBore SideFlō Cannula - video by Martin Charles, MD
Length: 04:32 | Type: MP4 | Size: 305MB