Partner Resources: Product Displays

MedOne has a variety of materials and aids available to help you improve sales in your area, from print material to graphics work to product displays. If the options below fail to meet your needs, let us know and we'll work with you toward a solution. The MedOne graphics department is happy to assist you with any specific graphics needs. To request any MedOne graphic material, please fill out the Graphic Request Form below and email it to Customer Service at

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Contact us for more information or to order any of the materials you see below.

Product Display Case

pdf Product Display Case: Item #88

The MedOne product display case is a great way to let customers experience our most popular products hands-on wherever you go. Each case has a sleek leather cover with room to display your business card. Inside, you'll find a range of 23g, 25g, and 27g cannulas, oil injection products, and backflush instruments.

displaycasecover displaycasepage1 displaycasepage2
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Product Display Racks

pdf Cannula Display: Item #96
pdf Backflush Display: Item #97
pdf Rotating Display: Item #102
pdf VR Forceps (Single-Use)

Our product display racks are ideal for showcase meetings and are fully customizable according to your display needs. We offer full displays for our 20g, 23g, 25g, and 27g cannulas, a full display of our backflush and extendable instruments, and a range of mixed-gauge displays.

vrforcepsdisplay cannuladisplay1 backflushdisplay displayrotating
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Scale Model - DualBore SideFlō® Cannula

pdf Scale Model: DualBore SideFlō® Cannula

This educational model is lightweight and easy to transport. Explain the improved function of the DualBore SideFlō® Cannula easily, without a microscope. Shows inner cannula and all important features of the product.

scalemodel1 scalemodel2
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