Auricle™ Neuro Scissors

The MedOne line of Auricle™ instruments deliver the ultimate in surgeon control for delicate procedures. Squeeze style mechanism and rotatable instrument tip enables precise control and comfortable access to the microsurgical site. Ideal for middle ear surgery, neurotology, and neurosurgery/skull base surgery. Instruments are manufactured in the United Kingdom by Eye Technology Limited using the highest quality materials and workmanship. A comfortable, ergonomic handle with smooth squeeze actuation makes these instruments an ideal choice for the demands of high precision neuro surgery.

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Curved Scissors


4001 Auricle™ Curved Scissors (55mm)
4007 Auricle™ Curved Scissors (80mm)
Blunt-tipped curved blades.

Angled Scissors


4002 Auricle™ Angled Scissors 135° (55mm)
4008 Auricle™ Angled Scissors 135° (80mm)
Blunt-tipped scissors angled 135° 3mm from the tip.

Straight Scissors


4004 Auricle™ Straight Scissors (55mm)
4010 Auricle™ Straight Scissors (80mm)
Blunt straight scissors with blade length: 4mm

Sharp Tip Scissors


4005 Aurcle™ Sharp Tip Scissors (55mm)
4011 Aurcle™ Sharp Tip Scissors (80mm)
Pointed, straight blades 4mm long.