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Auricle™ Neurotology & Neurosurgery Instruments


The MedOne line of Auricle™ instruments deliver the ultimate in surgeon control for delicate procedures. A squeeze-style mechanism and rotatable instrument tip enable precise control and comfortable access to the microsurgical site. Ideal for middle ear surgery, neurotology, and neurosurgery/skull base surgery.

  • Unique squeeze-style handle enables precise control of the instrument tip during actuation.
  • The instrument tip rotates 360°, allowing you to move the tip instead of your hand.
  • Lightweight titanium handle with large gripping area for comfortable hand position reduces hand fatigue.
  • Instrument shaft diameter is 0.9mm, allowing excellent visualization and easy access for working in small spaces.
  • Shaft length of 55mm or 80mm available for various surgical approaches.

The Auricle instruments were designed in cooperation with:

Andrew Marlowe, M.D., Sarasota, Florida
Seth Rosenberg, M.D., Sarasota, Florida
J. Thomas Roland, Jr., M.D., New York, New York
William H. Slattery III, M.D., Los Angeles, California

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