PolyTip® VFI Cannulas

PolyTip® VFI Cannulas utilize an extremely thin-walled tube, allowing injection of heavy fluids such as silicone oil through 23g, 25g, or 27g entry cannulas. The luer lock hub can be connected to a syringe, extension tube, or injection system.

3235 PolyTip® VFI Cannula 23g (7mm)
23g x 7mm


3241 PolyTip® VFI Cannula 23g (10mm)
23g x 10mm
10mm cannula length allows for improved access across the eye and visualization of the cannula tip during use


3226 PolyTip® VFI Cannula 25g (7mm)
25g x 7mm


3273 VFI Cannula 27g
27g x 1mm