VR Instruments - Forceps

Vitreoretinal instruments from MedOne feature easy 360° activation for ideal tip positioning. The ergonomic handle grip diameter is designed for optimal comfort and accuracy. A short travel squeeze mechanism gives just the right amount of tactile feedback while increasing stability. 23g and 25g instruments are color-coded for easy identification. Available with tip styles to suit a wide variety of cases.


ILM Forceps

ILM Forceps have thin jaws for excellent visibility. Platform is ideal for peeling ILM without shredding or tearing of the membrane.


3320 ILM Forceps 23g

3321 ILM Forceps 25g

Asymmetric Forceps

Asymmetric Forceps have an angled platform for gripping along the surface of the retina. Slightly larger platform for more secure grip. Blade design allows excellent visibility.


3326 Asymmetric Forceps 23g

3327 Asymmetric Forceps 25g

SuperGrip Forceps

SuperGrip Forceps have pointed jaws for precise grasping with a large platform for high grip strength. Good for thin membranes and excellent for heavy membranes.


3323 SuperGrip Forceps 23g

3324 SuperGrip Forceps 25g