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Surgical Products

Surgical Products

MedOne offers an exciting line of innovative products for retina surgery. We have a full range of cannulas and related accessory products, including FlexTip™ Cannulas, PolyTip® Cannulas, MVR knives, backflush instruments, and much more. Complementing our range of cannula products is a complete line of reusable instruments. We have a wide variety scissors and forceps to meet your needs. Throughout our retina product range, we have a special emphasis on products for small gauge surgery.

MedOne also has a unique range of instruments for otology, neurotology and skull base surgery. Our Auricle™ instrument line uses a unique squeeze handle and rotating instrument tip to provide a high level of precision and control for these delicate procedures.

All of our products are of the highest possible quality and are delivered with fast and attentive customer service. Explore the links below to learn more about our products at MedOne.